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Welcome to
Nature Bound Academy!

NatureBound Academy is a local business that helps kids gain confidence and develop their health and independence by taking them outside and teaching them about their outside world by exploring with them! Contact us directly or have your child's caretakers reach out to book their fun environmental education program.


My name is Kara Lemire

Welcome to NatureBound Academy, where passion for the environment meets a commitment to empowering children. With a passion for nature and working with children, and a deep-seated desire to inspire young minds, I’ve dedicated myself to crafting transformative experiences for children to embrace their true potential.


Driven by a blend of environmental stewardship and child development, I orchestrate engaging programs that prioritize fun and discovery-led learning. As a devoted mother and educator, I bring a wealth of firsthand experience to every interaction, coupled with a solid academic foundation. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Biology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Education and Communication, I merge theory with practice to create enriching experiences for children.


With several years of hands-on experience working with children, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of fostering curiosity and instilling a love for the natural world. At NatureBound Academy, we embark on a journey where each child is encouraged to dream big, explore fearlessly, and cultivate their most authentic selves. 

Join me in nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards and curious explorers at NatureBound Academy. Together, let’s ignite a passion for learning and a love for our planet that will last a lifetime. 

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