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Outdoor Education

Our Progams 


Multi-Day Workshop

Caregiver and Educator

These multi-day workshops are designed to empower educators and childcare providers with the skills to confidently guide their students and children in outdoor environmental education. The workshops blend hands-on learning with expert guidance for immersing children in outdoor play, exploration and education. Join NatureBound Academy in fostering connections, encouraging discovery, and igniting a passion for stewardship.


Field Trip

At NatureBound Academy, we believe that the best way to develop a love and respect for nature is through hands-on exploration and education. Our mission is simple: to reconnect children to nature, and ignite a passion for the environment. We transform ordinary field trips into unforgettable adventures that spark curiosity. Contact us today and let us tailor a fun-filled environmental education journey specifically for your class. 

Educators and Homeschool Groups

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Day Camps

Parents and Caregivers

These half-day camps will vary from learning about our senses, exploring math and early literacy, and discovering the animals and natural habitats around our city, but all programs will be based on exploration, fun, discovery, and child-led interests, leaving your child happy, confident and excited to explore more...and maybe a little dirty too!

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Private Programs

Unlock your child's potential with

NatureBound Academy!

Discover personalized programs crafted specifically for your child's unique learning journey. Our outdoor sessions blend the best of tutoring with the wonders of nature, tailored to enhance skills in math, reading, and more. Watch as your child thrives in an immersive environment where learning is guided by curiosity and exploration. Join us in embracing the beauty of education with NatureBound Academy.  

Parents and cargiver

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